Aug 30 - Aug 31

Crime and Safety Index 2018

The Crime and Safety Index, due to be launched in September, will rank the level of security by the rate and propensity of crimes that occur in every State of Nigeria, and look at the State with worst offenders. Behind the statistics of...

What We Do

Open Justice

Opening justice space and monitoring administration of criminal justice to enhance transparency and accelerate justice delivery.

Service Watch

Empowering citizens with information on public services and checking malpractices of front-line service providers for efficient service delivery.

Civic Engagement

Working with citizens and civil society groups to fight corruption and advance the rule of law.

Latest Infographics

18 Jul

#GCB2019: Corruption in Nigeria

The Transparency International and Afrobarometer's Global Corruption Barometer survey 2019 showed that 43% of Nigerians think corruption has...
21 Mar

Nigeria Ranking in 2018 Basel Anti-Money Laundering Index

Nigeria was rated 16th most vulnerable country in money laundering and terrorist financing out of 126 countries in 2018 Basel Anti-Money Laundering...
19 Mar

Abacha Loot Recovered by Nigeria Government

The Federal Government of Nigeria has recovered a total of $3.3 billion stolen by the former Head of State, General Sani Abacha from 1998 to...

Corruption Cases Data

Explore corruption cases data with simplified infographics and track ongoing cases in courts.

Our Stories

30 Jun

Public Policy Dialogue Series

TransparencIT frequently engage stakeholders in the criminal justice sector, so far, we have successfully organized three Public Policy Dialogues...
11 Apr

Campaign Against Electoral Fraud

Ahead of the 2019 general election, we commenced civic education on the election and hosted series of campaign against electoral fraud such as...
19 Feb

Open Justice Online Course

Our work at TransparencIT has been recognized by The Governance Lab of New York University Tandon School of Engineering as a valuable vehicle which...