Who We Are

Our Vision

A readily accessible and transparent public system and active citizens, able to act against corruption.

Our Mission

To control corruption and articulate citizens demand for transparent, accountable and efficient service delivery.

Transparency Information Technology Initiative, TransparencIT, is a civic technology organization working to control corruption and accelerate justice and service delivery by enhancing transparency and active citizenship in Nigeria. The organization make use of open data sets and tech tools to monitor justice space and empower citizens with information on public services so as to promote social accountability, adherence to the rule of law and institutional reforms.

TransparencIT has evolved as a reliable non-governmental organization with its sustained advocacy on the court and (anti-)corruption activities using simplified infographics and explainer videos to engage citizens and stakeholders for efficient justice and service delivery.

The organization collaborates with relevant government authorities, non-governmental organizations and the media in evaluating role(s) of stakeholders, citizens participation and identifying challenges in the fight against corruption with the aim of recommending and pushing for actions that will reduce the susceptibility of corruption in public sector.

Contact Us

Suite 1, 1st Floor, Hamza Zayyad House, No. 4, Muhammadu Buhari Way, Kaduna, Nigeria.


+234 (0) 704 141 0707